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What does the website involve ?

Make some selections and provide us with some Information

  1. Select a Favicon :

    Favicon is a small image that appears on the browser url box. It should be unique to your website. You don't have to have one. If you want one, then you need to provide us with one. You can Make A Favicon  from an image, text or emoji. If you wish, you can use just two letters like we have.

  2. Select a Logo :

    If you already have a Logo, then may provide us with it. If you don't, then ask us for suggestions. Or you could just use a text logo for your website.

  3. Select a Theme colour :

    This is normally derived from your Logo. But you can use any three colours you want. For convenience, we call them dark. light and tint. It is best to select them from the same palette. This makes your website look coherent. The primary Theme colour is also used on the Mobile devices to colour the whole page (only if dark theme is not enabled).

    • Click on one of the items from the Web Colors  and then select the primary or main colour.
    • Copy paste that colour the Colour Picker and select three colours from the range.

  4. Select a Template :

    A Template lays out your website to a tried and tested pattern. We will be adding more templates progressively. Changing the template incurs a fixed setup cost.

  5. Business Details :

    1. We need this to verify your Business Details
    2. Email Address
    3. Mobile Number
    4. Physical Address (if you want it displayed)
    5. Any images that you may want to display on the main page. Note that only some templates support this.

  6. For multiple pages :

    The standard template provides one page for your website. We have other templates to support multiple page websites. If you want to use these, then more information will be required.

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